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Nintendo Switch Dock to Increase Performance

In the month and a half since the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, speculation has run rampant as to whether the Switch dock displayed in the video somehow increases performance of the  console. Laura Kate Dale at LetsPlayVideoGames has just run a report that states just that.

Though there will be no internal hardware in the way of an SCD (supplemental computing device), the dock will provide television output (via USB-C, apparently) as well as increase the clock speeds of the Switch to increase system performance and allow the device to output to televisions at 1080p.

Dale also reports there is an additional fan that will activate upon being docked to assist in the cooling of the unit, as well as an exhaust on the back of the Switch dock to allow proper ventilation to remove heat from the Switch itself.

Nintendo is set to host a full reveal of the Switch on January 12th with events for the press in the days that follow to get hands-on impressions. Nintendo Switch is still slated for a March 2017 release, though no launch games have yet been revealed.

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