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New Switch Patent Reveals a Host of Goodies

Nintendo may have let the cat out of the bag a little early with a plethora of images in a new Switch patent published early yesterday morning. With less than thirty days remaining until the big January 12th Switch blowout, patent images found by a NeoGAF user potentially shed some light on Switch features that have, up until now, been merely speculated upon.

Among the images and descriptions provided, we saw details as small as the audio jack on the Switch supporting headsets with microphones, as well as details as large as Switch potentially supporting VR in the future. Other details outlined in the tell-all Switch patent are:

  • Confirmation of touch screen
  • Switch runs in two “operation modes,” dependent on whether it is docked or undocked
  • Confirmation of a record (share) button
  • Images showing the Switch sliding into an HMD (head-mounted display) inferring VR
  • Multiple types of Joycons may be in the works
  • A plethora of sensors to detect motion, NFC (Amiibo support) and “infrared image-capturing” all housed within Joycons.
  • Switch may or may not output to television without use of dock

Though there is a lot of information in this 147-page patent to dissect, the above listed items are probably the most noteworthy.

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In some cases, this patent has opened up a can of worms of items we had not yet considered. Though the Switch and VR have been speculated upon, I find it difficult to believe Nintendo would implement this with their upcoming console. If the Switch is indeed using a 720p display, the visual experience in VR may leave much to be desired. That being said, I’d love to be proven wrong.

Keep in mind, patents do not necessarily make their way into the final product. We do believe, however, much of what we see here will likely be on display on January 12th. A special thank you goes out to everyone over at the Switchcore Discord server for assisting in the gathering and careful dissection of these materials.

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