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RyboReview: Street Fighter V (PS4, PC)

Man, what do I have to say about Street Fighter 5 that I haven’t already said before? It’s not a BAD game, but it’s definitely not a good game, either. Capcom, from what I hear, wanted to make this game more accessible to beginners, so that the game is easier to learn and makes it easier to play competitively. I FUCKING KNEW THIS WAS A SCHEME TO MAKE MORE MONEY OFF CAPCOM CUP. ahem. Let’s get to the review.


Street Fighter 5, from an art style perspective, looks great. Capcom chose to ditch their in-house engine, and create Street Fighter 5 using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. I can’t complain. If your computer can run it, characters and environments can look amazing. Visuals do mean a lot when it comes to fighting games, and Street Fighter 5 does deliver.

However, there is a reason I’m only giving it 3 stars. Character models can range from “Gorgeous” to “GOODNESS WHAT IS THAT.” Early screenshots are prone to this, because they are of course taken when the game was still in development. But, even the PS4 version looks like Capcom could have honed the console’s power a bit better. I’ll close my case with a image of one of Ken’s alternate costumes. Trust me, the face looks like that with all of his costumes.


AUDIO: 5/5

Okay, this really depends on the person. Personally, I love Street Fighter 5’s soundtrack. The character themes are all well done, and the stage themes feel fresh. The game has mixes a lot of different music styles, and typically uses instruments from that specific thing’s heritage. Chun-Li uses a lot of chinese instruments, Vega has a more of a spanish vibe, and Ken has electric guitars, so would you call that american? The music uses these instruments, but also adds some dubstep into the mix with these. It mixes better with some songs than with others, but I can’t complain about a lot of them. Overall, I could easily rock out to this soundtrack.

STORY: 3/5

Now, let’s talk about single-player things. Street Fighter V has a story mode. Pretty awesome, right? Well, I’m no movie critic, but if this was a movie, I’d rather pirate the movie than watch it in the theater.


The Story Mode is short. It’s boring, full of clichés, and only takes around 2-3 hours to beat, depending on the difficulty setting. Honestly, if it was longer, I might have enjoyed it more. There is the possibility of Capcom releasing more episodes to the Story Mode in the future, but who knows. After the Story Mode, what can you play? There’s an Arcade mode, right? No. There isn’t.



Street Fighter V introduces a lot of new things to the series. The new V-Trigger and V-Skill system is very cool, because each character has a unique V-Skill and V-Trigger. Your V-Skill is activated with Medium Punch and Kick, and activates a cool little move. With Ryu, it lets you parry an opponent’s attacks, Chun-Li’s V-Skill lets you leap over your opponents and kick them in the back, and Ken has a little dash-kick thing that lets you cancel out of attacks, and make your combos longer. I’d say, if Blanka was in the game, his V-Skill would probably be him biting out your freakin’ jugular.

V-Triggers are not words that your opponent says to you to make you go ballistic, as you might of thought it was. V-Triggers are transformations, that you can activate by pressing Heavy Punch and Kick. They change certain properties of your character, mixing up strategies and possibly giving you the advantage.

Ryu’s “Denjin Renki” V-Trigger allows him greater strength, electric Shoryukens, chargeable Hadoukens, and access to the “Denjin Hadouken”, a Super Art that is you’re only able to use while in V-Trigger mode. The V System in Street Fighter 5 is truly unique, but I only have one issue with them. Ever since Street Fighter Alpha, every character has had access to more than one Super Art, and in the case of Street Fighter Alpha 3, -isms, which is a fairly similar system to the V System.  My issue is that Street Fighter V has nothing like that.

See what I mean?

Each character is locked down to one V-Skill, one V-Trigger, and one Super Art, two at most, if the Super Art changes with the V-Trigger like Ryu’s does. I want more choices in Street Fighter V. How about a V-Trigger where Ryu becomes Evil Ryu. It eliminates the need for Evil Ryu to be a separate character. Or, how about a V-Skill for Birdie where he chews some gum and spits it out at you. The longer you hold the gum, the more powerful it is.



This is Street Fighter V’s main menu. You got your Story Mode, but also a mode called “Character Story”, where every character gets a little 5-minute thing where you fight 3 characters, which a (poorly drawn) cutscene in between each fight. After that, you get Survival Mode, which is just what it sounds like, a mode where you fight anywhere from 20-100 CPUs, where you buy powerups in exchange for points, and you get rewards depending on how many points you earn by the end. No continues, all in one sitting. Then there is Training, where you…train. And then Versus, where you can either fight another person, or a CPU. It gets boring fairly quick, which is probably why Capcom focus on the very laggy and unbalanced online mode. Are you a beginner in the “Rookie” rank with 0LP? Well, have fun facing a “Platinum” ranked expert with over 5000LP, in a very laggy fight before the fight exits because it’s so god damn LAGGY. btw that counts as a ragequit so now you can’t play online for a while.

Street Fighter 5 has flaws, and they can easily be fixed. The problem is that Capcom doesn’t BOTHER TO FIX THEM. They do server maintenance all the time, and they almost never fix these issues. So yeah, Capcom just totally voided what they said about this game being for beginners, because they don’t even get the chance to practice before being thrown at who seems to be fucking Diago Umehara.

(For those who don’t know, Diago Umehara is considered the “King of Street Fighter”.)

I’m not even touching on how you need to either play the hardest difficulty on Survival to get different color options for your character, or, y’know, buy ’em. Yeah, buy some FUCKING COLORS.

Street Fighter 5 has great gameplay, amazing music, and depending on what you are running the game on, fantastic graphics. What the game is lacking is proper support by Capcom. It needs updating, more single player content, and needs its netcode fixed so that you can get the best experience from it. It has potential, but a year after it’s release, Street Fighter 5 still feels a bit incomplete.

What do you think about Street Fighter V? Sound off in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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