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XBOX 2017 E3 Briefing Liveblog

14:02 – Scorpio Official Unit looks like a black Xbox One S

14:03 – Xbox One X is the official name of the Xbox Scorpio and launches November 7th, 2017

14:05 – Full backwards compatibility

14:06 – Supports super sampling for 1080p

14:07 – Liquid cooled vapor chamber and custom power management system

14:08 – Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox ever

14:10 – Forza 7 reveal

14:12 – Porsche 911 GT2 RS world reveal

14:13 – Live gameplay demo of Forza 7, native 4K at 60fps

14:14 – Dynamic weather, environments and more details in Forza 7 than ever before

14:15 – Forza 7 releases on October 3rd 2017

14:16 – 42 games shown during the press conference, 24 will be console exclusive to Xbox One

14:22 – Metro Exodus reveal

14:24 – Assassins Creed Origins world premier

14:31 – Live Assassins Creed Origins gameplay, you can use an Eagle to scout ahead for you, combat looks like it has some dark souls inspired mechanics.

14:32 – PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds coming exclusively to Xbox One systems, Xbox One X version enhancements will launch with the system

14:35 – Deep Rock Galactic reveal

14:40 – State of Decay 2 revealed, zombie game featuring base building, survival and multiplayer.

14:43 – The Darwin Project, hunger-games like multiplayer game.

14:45 – Minecraft uniting of consoles, crossplay with all consoles, mobile platforms and VR.  Minecraft gets a free 4K update, new look for Minecraft (dynamic lighting, better textures, godrays)

14:49 – Dragonball Fighter Z, early 2018 release date

14:51 – Black Desert coming to Xbox One

14:52 – The last night, pixel + 3d modeled visual art style

14:53 – The Artful Escape, coming when its ready

14:54 – Code Vein, coming 2018

14:55 – Sea of Thieves extended gameplay showcase: underwater exploration and ship looting,  watch out for sharks, eat bananas, you can shoot yourself from your ship onto an island or even an enemy pirate ship.  Solve riddles to find treasure caches, you can dig up the ground to search for treasure, generally after you find treasure you’ll have to fight off enemies in order to secure it, trade treasure at outposts to turn a profit. Sea of thieves releases early 2018

15:04 – Tacoma, releasing August 2nd 2017

15:05 – Super Lucky’s Tale, November 2017

15:07 – Cuphead finally got a release date, September 29th 2017

15:09 – Crackdown 3, Ft Terry Crews, releasing November 7th, 2017

15:11 – Sizzlereel, showcasing a lot of different games released through the ID@Xbox program

15:13 – Ashen, unique art-style

15:16 – Life is Strange Before the Storm, 3 episode game

15:18 – Shadow of War gameplay showcase. October 10th, 2017

15:24 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps reveal

15:27 – Xbox Backwards Compatibility now supports original Xbox games, more to share when it launches later this year

15:29 – 4K updates to previous titles like Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy 7 and more

15:31 – Xbox One X will be priced at $499

15:33 – Bioware’s new IP Anthem, running on Xbox One Scorpio, World premier gameplay.  Exosuits, big open world, focus on multiplayer.  2018 release date.

15:42: End of Conference


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