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No Switch Pre-order? No Problem!

Don’t have a Switch pre-order and want to get the Switch on day one?  We can help!  There are plenty of options open for those of you who don’t have Switch pre-orders right now!

From one of our sources, we know that Best Buys will be getting day one allocations of Switch units that exceed their pre-order units by 30 or more, based on the size of the store and the amount of pre-orders they received.  So if you’re looking to get a Switch at Best Buy on launch day, you’re in pretty good luck assuming there’s not 30+ people ahead of you waiting.

Best Buy Stores will also be giving out a free Zelda poster (while supplies last) for those that show up to midnight releases!  To see if your store is doing a midnight release, simply go here.  If your store is in the drop-down list, you are good to go for the midnight release!  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till your store opens in the morning.

 Toys”R”Us, while not accepting pre-orders, will have stock of Nintendo Switch’s on launch day.  While they will probably not be doing midnight releases, you can always call your local Toys”R”Us to check with them.  You have a good chance of walking in on launch day and picking one up.  We would recommend going in at your stores opening, just to be safe.

 While GameStop was a highly used pre-order destination, there is a large chance of them having excess Switch units on launch day.  If you are a Pro member, you can also take advantage of their 50% extra trade in credit towards Nintendo Switch games and accessories.  You can check Gamestop’s site to see if  your local store is doing a midnight release!  As always, we’d recommend going in as early as possible to try to secure yourself a unit.

Walmart was very under-utilized when it came to pre-orders.  Usually when people think to pre-order or pick up a game system, they don’t automatically think Walmart.  This, however, is good news for those who don’t have pre-orders and wish to pick up a system on day one.  I have many friends who have picked up special edition copies of video games and video game consoles the night of release, all because everyone else was busy waiting in line at stores like GameStop. Depending on your destination, Walmart could have plenty of stock left over for you. If they are a 24 hour Supercenter, you have an even better chance of picking one up at midnight on launch day.  You may want to contact your local Walmart and ask if they will have extra Nintendo Switch stock on launch day.

Now, if you don’t have time to wait in line at midnight or are very busy on launch day, there is still hope for you to get a system very soon after launch.  Online retailers will be continuously restocking Nintendo Switch’s, but chances are that those will go quite quickly so soon after launch.  However, there are ways to get alerted when systems go back in stock!  One of these being nowinstock.net.  NowInStock is a free web service that will alert you when popular items go back in stock online.  All you have to do is go on their website and sign up for alerts!  You can get these updates through email and text, while the fastest option currently would be through their Google group.  Just follow the instructions here and you will be alerted as soon as the Nintendo Switch gets restocked.  Just make sure you are up to date on your email and text messages.

These items we have outlined above are only a few options.  Other stores like Target and non-chain local electronic and nearby video game stores are likely to have Nintendo Switch units in stock on launch day, if not, soon after. So don’t lose hope.  If all else fails and you can’t seem to get a Nintendo Switch, just be patient.  Don’t be shy to ask your friends and family to help as well.  The only reason I was able to get a Wii U even close to launch was because my friend happened to stop by a local Target store right when they happened to be stocking the system.  He knew I wanted one and picked it up, but if he hadn’t known I was interested, he probably wouldn’t have been looking in the first place!  Here’s wishing all of you day-one Switchers good luck, and be sure to join our Discord for more help and/or discussion about the Nintendo Switch and other video game consoles!

We Still Have Questions About the Switch

Nintendo answered many questions regarding the Nintendo Switch late Thursday evening, including key questions like release date and price.  There are, however, questions that still need answering.  I would actually argue that we have more questions now than we did heading into the presentation.  Questions we took for granted and assumed would be answered.

Switch Virtual Console

This is probably the biggest lingering question.  We (think we) know Virtual Console will be present on the Switch, but no mention of its existence was made at all.  We have heard rumors of Gamecube support, but still no mention.  Will our previous purchases be brought over from 3DS or Wii U?  Will the full catalog of already available games on other platforms be made available at launch for Switch?

Online Services

Nintendo revealed very little information about what to expect in regards to online services on the Switch.  What we know so far is online multiplayer will be free for a period after launch, but will turn into a paid service later in the year.  This shouldn’t be a huge surprise as Microsoft and Sony both charge for their online services.  What we don’t know, however, is the cost of the service.  Nintendo has revealed the service would allow subscribers to play one free NES or SNES game every month, but the details behind that are even a little muddy.

Voice chat and messaging services were alluded to, but the story behind how these would function seems unclear at best.  In all documents we’ve seen, Nintendo refers to a smart device app for voice chat in compatible titles.  The question then becomes, “Will we be required to voice chat using our smartphones,” and “Are we only able to communicate when we are playing the same game?”

What about My Nintendo rewards?  Nintendo rolled out the service earlier this year with the release of Miitomo and we assumed some implementation would be available for the Switch, but so far we have heard nothing on the matter.  Will My Nintendo continue to function independent of Nintendo’s hardware?  Will they instead opt to adopt a dedicated achievement service for the system?

Where are the games?

Nintendo has stated that 35 games will be available for the Switch by the end of 2017.  So far, less than 30 games have been confirmed for that window, so what else are we getting?  Is the launch of the Nintendo Switch really only going to include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild1-2 SwitchSuper Bomberman RSkylanders Imaginators and Just Dance 2017?

With 80 titles currently in development for the Switch, who else is working on games?  The list of partners Nintendo released back in October is seemingly a mile long.  What are those publishers and studios working on?

When can we expect to hear more?

Nintendo has done a decent job, thus far, of explaining what the Nintendo Switch is capable of.  The trailer we received in October illustrated just how this device was simultaneously a home console and portable device.  The presentation was able to illustrate the use of the Joy-Con controllers for different play styles.  I have a feeling we haven’t seen or heard the last from Nintendo before the Switch’s March 3rd release date.  With a Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct planned for January 18th, we may begin to see a slow trickle of information leading up to launch.

And personally, that’s what I believe will happen.  Nintendo has kept us wanting and pining for more ever since the existence of a new device was mentioned.  Perhaps their marketing strategy is such that they’ll leave us wanting more, thus keeping hype high, all the way until release.

We will definitely hear more on games, services, hardware and more.  The only question is will it be before or after release? Only time till tell.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Confirmed for Switch Launch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will release March 3rd, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo confirmed via the live Nintendo Switch presentation that the new Zelda game would be a day one title for Nintendo’s next home/handheld console.

Nintendo has been marketing the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild heavily for over a year.  I mean, hell, Nintendo’s 2016 E3 presence was 100% dedicated to the next installment in the franchise.

During the presentation, Nintendo introduced a brand new trailer, revealing story elements and tugging at those pesky heart strings.  Be prepared for all the feels.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be sold in 3 total version:

As of the time of this writing, we are a short 49 days out from the launch of the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Are you as excited as we are?